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Two Secrets To Make Your Goose Down Jacket Fit... A Word Of Advice From A Toronto Dressmaker

As soon as winter begins, I start getting calls from ladies who would like to fit womenís goose down jackets to their figure. They wonder if it is possible at all, having heard from several dressmakers that it was not.

Alterations of the womenís goose down jackets

Most of the popular brands make goose down jackets, long or short, look just straight. No wonder, girls with curves donít find them attractive.

But they are so warm and comfortable! And here is the good news for you: contrary to the popular belief, in most cases it is possible to make this warm, but bulky garment fit you.

I have developed my unique technique of doing this and perfected it over the last 20 years. I can make most of those jackets fit.

Most, but not all. From my experience, inexpensive goose down jackets often cannot be changed to fit to your figure. This is because more expensive brands use extra layers of lining that allows a dressmaker to work with the jacket. I have noticed that makers of cheaper goose down jackets often cut the corners to lower the price, thus making it impossible to fit the jacket.

Price To Fit A Goose Down Jacket

Alterations price ranges from $80 to $160 and depends on a make and on amount of seams involved.

It is a messy job to open it and work through seams and it requires special sewing skills and tools. When the job is finished my place looks like Santaís home on the North Pole with dawn flakes flying around :)

After I fit it to your figure, the jacket will look so much better showing your curves. And, by the way, you will feel warmer because now the jacket fits you and doesnít allow cold air to sneak in.

High end goose down jackets are worth alterations. There are so many wonderful brands on sale now:

  • Canada Goose,
  • North Face,
  • Oakley Womens,
  • Patagonia Kids,
  • Eddie Bauer Christina
  • and more goose down jacket brandsÖ

How To Buy Kids/Boys Goose Down Jackets That Fit Them As They Grow

Parents who want to buy kidís goose down jackets are considering the fact that their kids will likely only wear them for one season and then the sleeves will be too short.

The same is true for menís down jackets that you buy for your teenagers. Kids grow, and boys down jackets become too small for them.

Here is the secret how to make that jacket serve at least two, sometimes three, seasons.

Buy the next size with much longer sleeves and bring it to me. I will make double hem on the sleeves for this season, and you will just let it out next winter instead of buying a new jacket.

If you are not sure whether your dream down jacket can be altered, please donít take price tags off and schedule an appointment with me. I will inspect your jacket, and if it is not possible to alter it, you can bring it back to the store.

You can call me (647)519-6542 7 days a week to ask about fitting your goose down jacket.


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