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Wedding Dress.
Dress with an unusually
designed back part.
Just trust me! :)

Miss Creative Mind :)
Tatiana designed her
wedding dress by herself!

Wedding dress
My client from France
Wedding Dress (France) -
another reincarnation

Wedding dress
Party Dress.

Princess of Power.
Halloween Costume.

Bridesmaid Dress.
Open back.

Pretty woman :)
Evening dress
....had a jacket on top of it
Competition 2003
"Winter" theme
Hairdresser competition,

Competition 2001
Cocktail dress
Hairdresser competition
in Kremlin, Moscow

Competition 2001
Hairdresser competition
in Kremlin, Moscow -
contestant from Ukraine.

Classic Chic Dress.
Perfectly fit to
highlight a beautiful

Beauty pageant contestant :)
Future Miss Ukraine
My youngest client!
Isn't he adorable?